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Many are the occasions when a company’s documentation, or the personal one, can be of great value. Hence, the importance of having an integral pick up, maintenance and delivery of this type of documents. Mudanzas Grande provides you with a specific solution depending on the aspects you consider relevant.

Documentation pick up service

Our team of professionals is in charge of picking up, at a specific location, all the documentation which needs to be kept, and then to transport it to our storing facilities.

  • An assessment of the documents is previously done so that the type of transportation needed can be determined.
  • All the documents are transported and a digital transferred of the data is also done.
  • An inventory with all the documentary collection is made and given to the client.

Document storing service

Once the transportation has been done, storing is the second step for this process specifically designed to keep safe your document collections. This is done in our storing facilities.

  • We have devices which control temperature and humidity which prevents documents from being damaged.
  • Our storing facility only keeps documents. We do not store anything else in order to guarantee the integrity of the document collections.

Document consultation service

In Mudanzas Grande we do not forget that document collections are your property. This means that you can exercise your right to consult them any time you want.

  • You can carry out urgent consultations (in about 3 hours) and regular consultations (the next day).
  • Consultations can be done face to face or online.

Consultations can be done face to face or online.

You, as the owner of the document collections, can exercise your right to withdraw any document collection, whenever you consider it appropriate and move on to its destruction.