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Mudanzas Grande counts with a very modern warehouse service which takes into account that a moving process does not consist only of moving things from one place to another, but rather it can become a more complex process depending on each person’s particular needs.

Hence, from Mudanzas Grande we want to take care of everything to tha smallest detail. We do settle at transporting your belongings to the destination you indicate. We want the process to be the easiest and most efficient possible for you.

Following this, we have developed a warehouse service like no other within the sector. In case of the destination –both if it’s a house or an office- not being ready the day of the move, your belongings can be kept safe.

What does our integral warehouse service include?

The main objective is for you not to worry about searching for a location to keep your belongings until your new home or office is ready. Hence, until that moment comes, we take care of absolutely everything.

Transportation from and to the warehouse

You do not need to worry about anything. Your belongings will arrive perfectly to your assigned warehouse. This, surely, will be the most convenient one according to your needs and under the premise of a great value for money.

Once your belongings are safely kept, your will only have to tell us the date you want us to transport them to the destination. That will be when we will bring them so that the process does not become a headache for you.

In other words, we take care of everything related to the transportation of your belongings as another part of the moving process.

We choose the warehouse you need

When we talk about keeping specific belongings in a warehouse, it is not simply leaving certain objects in a small storehouse. What is really is, and which is what we do from Mudanzas Grande, is offering a warehouse which adapts to your needs.

For that, our team of professionals will search for the best warehouse able to offer the perfect size and reconditioning. Thanks to this searching process, your belongings will not suffer any damage because they will have enough room and will be kept under favorable environmental conditions so that the most fragile objects or sensitive documents you may have do not deteriorate as a consequence of, for example, the lack of light or due to humidity.

All your belongings will be insured

This is one of the greatest concerns when you make use of warehouses. However, aiming at providing you tranquility and allowing you to invest your time and attention on more important things, in Mudanzas Grande we manage a full insurance which will cover any flaw arisen during the transportation due to any obstacle or even the presence of insects.

Likewise, we guarantee that the warehouse will be monitored 24 a day in order to minimize the risk of any adverse situation taking place.