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In Mudanzas Grande we believe that your satisfaction lays on small details. It is there, in small acts that you know a task has been carried out properly. Hence, we invest a lot of resources in the process of packing.

A single packaging which covers everything you need

We believe that packing is a vital part of moving. That is why we put emphasis on some key aspects.

  • We have boxes of every possible size and material. The idea is to be able to properly move all your belongings.
  • Likewise, we have security and protection materials which cushion possible impacts. This is used to protect the most sensitive and fragile objects.
  • We provide you packing materials which are prepared for any office materials – from equipment to documents.
  • It does not matter if your moving process is not a conventional one. If you need transportation by air or sea, we have special containers which can hold all your belongings.