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Mobility has never been a problem for Mudanzas Grande. Hence, our services are not   limited to the Iberian Peninsula, but we also can carry out moves in the Canary Islands.

How do we carry out moves in the Canary Islands?

Somos conscientes de que las mudanzas en Canarias puede ser algo complejo de gestionar. Sin embargo, en Mudanzas Grande las realizamos utilizando los medios de transporte idóneos.

Utilizando la vía marítima, previo paso por un transporte terrestre para llegar al puerto, en el caso de que este sea necesario, poniendo a tu disposición los contenedores más adecuados para tus pertenencias, trasladaremos tus pertenencias a donde requieras.

We are aware that moving to/out the Canary Islands can be ca complicated thing to handle. However, in Mudanzas Grande we carry them out relying on the ideal means of transportation.

Taking a maritime route –previously driving to the harbor- in case its needed, providing you with the most adequate containers for your belongings; we will take your belongings wherever you want.

What does our moving service in the Canary Islands include?

Remaining faithful to our philosophy, we provide you with all our resources so that you can forget everything about the move and focus on more important things

  • After contacting us, we will have a meeting with you in order to get to know your needs. This is vital in order to know which resources need to be mobilized.
  • From then, we will draw up a detailed budget with the cost and the dates for the move. This way, any doubt is erased.
  • We take care of the assembly and dismantling through our well-prepared and well-equipped team of professionals.
  • Packing and unpacking of your belongings will be carried out in a way that pays special attention to all objects with special needs, such as jewelry, glassware or music instruments.

And all this with Mudanzas Grande’s guarantee

Realizar una mudanza fuera de la Península Ibérica puede suponer un quebradero de cabeza. De ahí que hayamos invertido muchos esfuerzos, y recursos, en cuidar hasta el más mínimo detalle.

Having to move outside the Iberian Peninsula can be a headache. Hence, we have put much effort and many resources to cover even the smallest mistake.

  • We handle all the necessary permits in order to move your car so that you can use it as soon as you arrive.
  • We manage any permit or license so that the moving process can be a success and so that you do not need to waste your time on tedious paperwork.
  • Once at the destination –when needed- we provide you with a warehouse so that your belongings are safe.
  • Once at the destination –when needed- we provide you with a warehouse so that your belongings are safe.

A complete service which is only tries to ursue your comfort and, above all, your tranquility, so confide your move in/to Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, El Hierro, La Gomera, etc. to Mudanzas Grande.