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In Mudanzas Grande we are aware that office removals to new facilities can become a waste of time and money. Hence, we have, throughout the years, designed a service which offers an exceptional value for money

Which are the aims of our office removal service?

In Mudanzas Grande, we carry out office removals based on two fundamental bases which allow us to provide you with a high degree of satisfaction.

  • Time is a non-negotiable factor for us. We are aware that a company cannot stop its production because it has to be moved. Therefore, we do as much as we can so that the process does not prolong more than necessary.
  • Everything at the destination needs to be placed as it was at the origin. To do so, we provide you with a great team of professionals who have the necessary knowledge and materials in order for everything to meet your expectations.

What does the integral service include?

In order for a moving process not to be a traumatic process, we have created an integral solution which includes the following services, which intend to integrate all your possible needs.

  • Packing of everything within the office using protection systems for the most sensitive objects like computers, printers or any industrial equipment.
  • Integral transportation both of the things in the office and the furniture using the most appropriate means of transportation.
  • Special transportation for archives and sensitive documentation.
  • Assembly of the transported furniture at destination.
  • Management of an insurance which covers the move both furniture wise and belongings or documentation.